FC United Girls 2017-18 Structure & Team Formation

FC United is pleased to announce its overall structure for the FC United Girls 2017-18 season.

FC United will consist of eight age groups, overseen by Senior Girls' Director, Craig Snower and Academy Director, John Soltani. There will be four Development Academy teams broken down as follows.

• U14 Girls / 2004 Birth Year

• U15 Girls / 2003 Birth Year

• U17 Girls / 2001 and 2002 Birth Years

• U19 Girls / 1999 and 2000 Birth Years

The Development Academy will be a year-round program offering very significant opportunities for participants who desire to develop and compete at the highest level.

FC United will also continue to offer multiple layers of programming beyond our Development Academy teams. These layers include Pre-Academy, Select and Premier teams. These levels will give players who desire to play high school soccer, while competing at a very high level in the club, the opportunity to do both. Our Pre-Academy and Select teams will compete in National League, Midwest Regional League as well as other national level events and college showcases including CASL and Disney. Additionally, players on the Pre-Academy teams will have the opportunity to become Developmental Players (DP) in the Development Academy. These DP's will have access to additional training and programming within the Development Academy. Pre-Academy, Select and Premier teams will be formed at the following age groups for the 2017-18 season:

• U12 Girls / 2006 Birth Year

• U13 Girls / 2005 Birth Year

• U14 Girls / 2004 Birth Year

• U15 Girls / 2003 Birth Year

• U16 Girls / 2002 Birth Year

• U17 Girls / 2001 Birth Year

• U18 Girls / 2000 Birth Year

• U19 Girls / 1999 Birth Year

The identification and selection process for the Development Academy teams has already begun and will be ongoing through the conclusion of FC United tryouts. Selection and placement for Pre-Academy, Select and Premier teams will take place at the conclusion of these tryouts. You can register for tryouts HERE.

Across our many levels, Little Trevians through Development Academy, we properly develop soccer players and create an individualized, unmatched family experience. 

Page Last Updated 4/20/2017