Executive Director
Senior Boys' Director
Boys U14 Select 1, Boys U15 Select 1, Boys Select 1 , Boys Select 1
FCU Development Academy Director & Technical Director
Boys Pre Academy
Senior Girls' Director
Girls U14 Select 1, Girls U16 Select 1, Girls U17 Select 1, Girls Select 1 - Predator, Girls Select 1, Girls Select 1, Girls Select 1, Girls Premier Red
Trevian Director
Girls Select 1, Girls Select 1
Spartan FC Technical Director, FC United Assistant Boys Director
Boys U13 Select 1 Copa MRL, Boys U18 Select, Boys Select 1
Assistant Girls Director
Girls U12 Select 1, Girls Select 1, Girls Select 1 - Copa
Girls U14 Premier Red
Boys FC Select 1, Boys Pre Academy Red
Boys Select Red
Boys U12 Select 1, Boys Select 1, Boys Select 1
Boys U17 Select 1, Boys Select 1
Girls Select Red
Boys U16 Select 1, Boys Select 1, Boys Select White
Girls Premier Red, Girls Premier White, Girls Premier Red
Boys Premier White, Boys Premier Red, Boys Select Red, Boys Premier Red
Boys U12 Premier White
Boys U14 Select 2, Girls Premier Red, Boys Select Red
Girls U12 Select Red, Boys U13 Select 1 Predator MRL, Boys Pre Academy Red, Boys Select 1
Girls U14 Select Red, Girls U17 Select 2, Girls U18 Premier White, Boys U16 Premier Red, Girls Select Red, Girls Premier Red
Girls U15 Premier Red, Boys U14 Premier White, Boys U15 Select 2
Jeff Knouse
Current Team Coach: Boys U12 Premier White
Playing Experience:
• Glenbrook North High School 1984-1988
• West Virginia University 1988-1992
Coaching Since:
Coaching Experience:
• Glenbrook North High School
• Warren Township High School
• Spartan FC
• FC United
Coaching Licenses:
• NSCAA Member - 1994 to Present
West Virginia University

Coach Jeff Knouse is a special education teacher at Warren Township High School. Currently he resides in Deerfield with his son. He has been coaching at the high school and youth levels for the past 25 years.

When Jeff isn't coaching or teaching, he enjoys traveling hiking or trying to play golf.

Jeff loves being able to help kids grow as players and as people. He feels as though soccer is a great avenue to help teach life lessons.

Coach Jeff feels that FC United is the best club on the North Shore because they care about the player as a whole. Each player is given a great experience to grow and exceed at all levels both on and off the field.

Coach Jeff's Piece of Advice:
Work hard in whatever you do. If anything is worth your time then do it with your best effort and to the best of your ability.