Executive Director
Senior Boys' Director
Boys U14 Select 1, Boys U15 Select 1, Boys Select 1 , Boys Select 1
FCU Development Academy Director & Technical Director
Boys Pre Academy
Senior Girls' Director
Girls U14 Select 1, Girls U16 Select 1, Girls U17 Select 1, Girls Select 1 - Predator, Girls Select 1, Girls Select 1, Girls Select 1, Girls Premier Red
Trevian Director
Girls Select 1, Girls Select 1
Spartan FC Technical Director, FC United Assistant Boys Director
Boys U13 Select 1 Copa MRL, Boys U18 Select, Boys Select 1
Assistant Girls Director
Girls U12 Select 1, Girls Select 1, Girls Select 1 - Copa
Girls U14 Premier Red
Boys FC Select 1, Boys Pre Academy Red
Boys Select Red
Boys U12 Select 1, Boys Select 1, Boys Select 1
Boys U17 Select 1, Boys Select 1
Girls Select Red
Boys U16 Select 1, Boys Select 1, Boys Select White
Girls Premier Red, Girls Premier White, Girls Premier Red
Boys Premier White, Boys Premier Red, Boys Select Red, Boys Premier Red
Boys U12 Premier White
Boys U14 Select 2, Girls Premier Red, Boys Select Red
Girls U12 Select Red, Boys U13 Select 1 Predator MRL, Boys Pre Academy Red, Boys Select 1
Girls U14 Select Red, Girls U17 Select 2, Girls U18 Premier White, Boys U16 Premier Red, Girls Select Red, Girls Premier Red
Girls U15 Premier Red, Boys U14 Premier White, Boys U15 Select 2
Nick Basan
Current Team Coach: Boys Select Red
Playing Experience:
• Mount Prospect Lions
• Chicago Kickers
• Notre Dame High School (4 Year Varsity Starter)
• HNK Zrinski (Metropolitan League)
• Hrvat Chicago (Metropolitan League)
• RWB Adria Chicago (Premier League of America)
Coaching Since:
Coaching Experience:
• Hrvat Chicago SC - 2010-2016 (Club Director & Coach)
• Trevian SC/FC United - 2016-Present
Coaching Licenses:
• U8-U10 Youth Module
• E Certificate
• USSF D License
• Concussion Certified

Nick started playing soccer at the age of 5 years old. He played striker his entire career. Nick retired from competitive soccer at the age of 30 and decided to take on the career of coaching young kids to love the game as much as he does.

Nick currently has 2 children playing soccer and enjoys watching them take after their father's footsteps.

Nick is a true believe in player development and tries his hardest to take that knowledge and passion into his practices and games. He is a true competitor that shows passion on and off the field. Nick develops his soccer players into true champions who understand the driving force of the game and at the same time enjoy the beautiful art of soccer.


Coach Nick's favorite part of coaching is learning to interact with players that have many different personalities, abilities and strengths. His goal is to guide his players to work together, build friendships and create a positive environment.

Coach feels that FC United really knows how to take care of their players. We are true to the development of our athletes at every level.

Coach Nick's Piece of Advice:
To become a true athlete, you must have the passion and drive to achieve all that you want in sports. There will be times when you fall back, but as long as you stay positive and focused you will overcome those hard times and succeed in life. Always remember a true, passionate and hard working athlete never quits. Stay positive and play hard!